Enjoy an always-on
connection with Hughesnet

Make sure your employees have the connection they need to succeed. Hughesnet keeps you online during business hours and beyond with two unique data features:

Daytime data

Each plan offers 25 GB of data to keep your business operating smoothly during typical business hours (8am-6pm).

Anytime data

Pick the plan with the right amount of anytime data for when you need it most.

Find the right plan for your business

Business 100

Up to 5 users with light to
moderate connectivity needs

Business 200

Up to 5 users with more
substantial connectivity needs

Business 300

5+ users who rely heavily on
the Internet to run the

Fast speeds

Hughesnet delivers fast download speeds of 25 Mbps and 3 Mbps upload speeds on every plan.

No Hard Data Limits

If you exceed your plan data, we won’t cut you off or charge you more.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Your Hughesnet modem comes with built-in
Wi-Fi to easily connect all your workplace

How do Hughesnet
for Business plans work?

Hughesnet plans range in data, but they all come with the same high speed of 25 Mbps. Here’s how it works:


Each plan has a different data allotment measured in gigabytes, or GBs. You use GBs every time you connect to the Internet. If you have multiple people using your connection, you’ll want a plan with more GBs.


Mbps is the speed of data. It measures how fast you upload or download data – like uploading a video or downloading an email attachment. All Hughesnet plans come with download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload of 3 Mbps.

Mobile phones and tablets

Stay connected with the right equipment from Hughesnet

Hughesnet uses the latest satellite technology to deliver
high-speed Internet to your business. Choose from three
equipment options and connect your workplace like never before.

Circle Beams Background

Lease your equipment:

Get started for only $99 for your Lease Set-up Fee and $19.99 per month for equipment. Standard installation is free. 24-month commitment.

Purchase your equipment:

A one-time upfront cost of $549.98 for equipment and standard installation. 24-month commitment.

Satellite and modem

Call to order 1.888.255.1881

Hughesnet FAQS