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Enjoy 25 Mbps fast download speeds, built-in Wi-Fi, and No Hard Data Limits with any HughesNet plan.

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HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet: Features you’re sure to love

You might be asking yourself, “Is HughesNet right for me?” or “Can I get satellite Internet in my area?”

The answer to your questions is yes. With HughesNet as your Internet provider, you’re always connected to the fast speeds you need. Enjoy these top features with any HughesNet plan.

Fast speeds

All HughesNet plans come with the same fast speeds. Watch videos, download music, share photos, and more at faster speeds.

Built-in Wi-Fi

The built-in Wi-Fi connects your wireless devices at home to deliver fast, secure wireless connectivity.

Available everywhere

HughesNet provides reliable high-speed Internet wherever you live, especially in rural Internet areas with slow or no high-speed options.

Get more data benefits with HughesNet.

HughesNet has more data coast-to-coast so you can enjoy everything you love online with ease. Want more data? HughesNet includes data-saving features to help you get the most out of your service.

House by the lake
House by the lake
Can't get cable Internet service in your area? HughesNet is available even where fiber and cable Internet are not.

HughesNet is available even where fiber and cable Internet are not.

In rural areas that other providers don’t serve, your best choice for high-speed Internet is HughesNet. Do more of the things you love to do online, quickly and conveniently. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to get satellite Internet.

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Video data saver

HughesNet automatically adjusts data rates for streaming video to deliver great picture quality while using less of your data.

Bonus Zone

During the Bonus Zone (2am–8am), you get up to 50 GB of additional data to use every month without dipping into your service plan data.

Unlimited Data—No Hard Data Limits

We won’t cut you off or charge you more if you exceed the amount of data in your plan. Stay connected at reduced speeds, typically 1–3 Mbps.

How HughesNet satellite Internet plans work

Have you heard of GBs and Mbps? If you’re not quite sure what they mean, you’re not alone. Here’s a breakdown of the terms associated with HughesNet plans to understand how they work.

Gigabytes (GBs): Data amount

Gigabytes, or GBs refer to the amount of data offered with each plan. Every time you connect to the Internet, you use GBs. Consider a plan with more GBs if you have a bigger household. You’ll want it for all the high-speed connections happening at once. Choose from a variety of HughesNet plans to find which data option suits you.

Megabits per second (Mbps): Data speed

Megabits per second, or Mbps is the data speed for Internet plans. Mbps measure how fast it takes to upload a video or download an email attachment. All HughesNet plans come with download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload of 3 Mbps to stream, browse and download to your heart’s content.

Cable vs satellite Internet: How do they compare?

The biggest difference between cable and satellite Internet is the way the connection is delivered to you. Cable and fiber Internet use wires in the ground to send the signal to your home. Satellite Internet delivers it via a satellite in the sky, so all you need is a clear view of the southern sky to get satellite Internet.

Live in a rural Internet area and have limited options? Don’t worry, HughesNet serves everywhere. HughesNet satellite Internet is available even where fiber and cable Internet aren’t available. The high-speed satellite Internet provides a constant connection no matter where you live.

Enjoy the benefits of HughesNet satellite Internet

When you choose HughesNet satellite Internet, you can do the things you love online with ease. Get more of everything you love with a HughesNet plan with fast speeds, no hard data limits and built-in Wi-Fi.

  • Connect with loved ones and share photos and videos through email and social media.
  • Download and stream music and videos to satisfy your entertainment needs.
  • Enjoy the convenience of banking, paying bills and planning travel online.
  • Stay informed with local weather, news and community events.

What HughesNet plan is right for you?

Check out what HughesNet satellite Internet plans offer, so you can find your perfect plan. There’s a HughesNet plan for everyone.

  • 20 GB plan: The best plan for a small family.
  • 30 GB plan: The ideal plan for the connected household with multiple devices.
  • 50 GB plan: The largest plan to keep the whole family connected.
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